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ABOUT THE COLLECTION (Now for sale on OpenSea)

The MONUMENT ICON NFT COLLECTION is a hand-made limited collection of 20 motion NFT artworks, based on iconic architectural monuments from around the world. The first collection will be based on THE ALAMO, the world’s most recognizable facade, also known as the “Shrine Of Texas Liberty.” The ruined Spanish mission was the sight of the famous doomed 1836 battle where approximately 200 defenders supporting Texas independence held out against a Mexican army of thousands, led by Mexican dictator Antonio López de Santa Anna.  The defenders of the Alamo refused to surrender or flee, and were killed in the battle. The Alamo is a controversial & mythic symbol, draped in legend.  It is seen by some as a symbol of American heroism and sacrifice, and by others as a symbol of American Imperialism and pro-slavery expansion. 



Some monuments/buildings have a huge emotional legacy attached to them. They are Iconic images ingrained into people from childhood. THE ALAMO is such an ICON. The Alamo is a hot point in the 21st century American Culture Wars. Mention The Alamo to any Culture War combatant and you will ignite quasi-religious awe or bitter hatred. This makes for an intense emotional canvas for artistic exploration. This hand-made NFT motion-art project touches and twists those intense cultural emotions to create original digital motion artworks based on vintage photography.



ZapPictures is a film producer based in Los Angeles, California, best known for producing the cult feature film romance, STILL BREATHING, starring Brendan Fraser, Joanna Going, Ann Magnuson, Lou Rawls and Oscar-winner Celeste Holm. To learn more, visit:


Future collections will be based on iconic monuments from all over the world, unique hand-made motion-artworks with a dynamic style.



Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 1.44.19 PM.png

Alamo Monument 1003 (Crockett)

Alamo 3_1.16.22.gif

Mexican dictator Antonio López de Santa Anna poses & peeks from the windows as Davie Crockett waves goodbye.

Alamo Monument 1001 (The Shrine)


The most recognizable facade on earth, the Alamo, started as Misión San Antonio de Valero in what is now San Antonio, Texas. 

Alamo Monument 1002 (Roach Motel)


The Alamo Spanish mission moved to its current location in 1724 after a hurricane destroyed the original location built around 1718. 

Alamo Monument 1006 (Hues)

Alamo 6.2.gif

In 1803, the first soldiers to arrive at the secularized mission were a Spanish cavalry unit called La Segunda Compañía Volante de San Carlos de Parras.

Alamo Monument 1004 (Starglide)

Alamo 4.1_1.gif

Texas is called "the Lone Star State."

Alamo Monument 1005 (Toy Soldier)

Alamo 5.1.gif

The Alamo was a military installation under the Spanish, Mexicans, Texans, Confederates and Americans.

Alamo Monument 1007 (Lone Roach)

Alamo 7.gif

The most common types of cockroach in Texas is the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana.

Alamo Monument 1008 (Wave)

Alamo 8_1.gif

The Alamo chapel was already a ruin at the battle in 1836.  In the late 1800's, Hugo, Schmeltzer & Company, a wholesale grocery store, was located to the north of the Chapel.

Alamo Monument 1009 (Drop)

Alamo 9.gif

The Alamo is a controversial symbol, draped in myth and legend. 

Alamo Monument 1010 (Arrows)

Alamo 10.gif

The Alamo he was commanded by Colonels James Bowie and William B. Travis and included the renowned frontiersman Davy Crockett.

Alamo Monument 1011 (Slammers)

Alamo 11_1.gif

The first movie to tell the story of the Alamo battle was the 1915 "Martyrs of the Alamo," supposedly the brain child of D. W. Griffith, after the success of "Birth of a Nation"

Alamo Monument 1012 (Guard)

Alamo 12.gif

Guarding the Cradle of Texas Liberty day and night.

Alamo Monument 1013 (Fist)

Alamo 13.gif

The Alamo legend and image continues to divide Americans.

Alamo Monument 1014 (Contour)

Alamo 14.gif

The contour known around the world.

Alamo Monument 1015 (Jitterbug)

Alamo 15.gif

The iconic "hump" facade was built by the US Army when they converted the Alamo chapel to a warehouse in 1850.

Alamo Monument 1016 (Lines)

Alamo 16.gif

The Alamo battle led to Texas becoming a state, which led to US Congress declared war on Mexico on May 13, 1846. The Mexican American War is the least remembered war in American history, and one of the most consequential.

Alamo Monument 1017 (Mr. Moon)

Alamo 17_1.gif

San Antonians Adina Emilia De Zavala and Clara Driscoll were responsible for "saving" the Alamo in 1905.

Alamo Monument 1018 (Wall of Testosterone)

Alamo 18.gif

The Alamo was a US Army post until Fort Sam Houston was established in 1876.

Alamo Monument 1019 (Prime)

Alamo 19.gif

"Remember The Alamo" was popularized during the Mexican American War. It's a phrase that still divides Americans.

Alamo Monument 1020 (Split)

Alamo 20.gif

The Alamo splits public opinion even today.

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