Brendan Fraser (THE MUMMY) and Joanna Going (KINGDOM) star in this magical romance about destiny and true love. 

STILL BREATHING is a magical romance where unconditional love tries to heal a cynic that has been burned once too often. This lyrical love story from writer-director James F. Robinson also features Academy Award-winner Celeste Holm, Lou Rawls, and Ann Magnuson.

Fletcher McBracken (Fraser) is San Antonio artist and street performer who comes from a long line of men who have had “visions” of their future soul-mates. Roz Willoughby (Going) is a cynical and sexy con-artist who is out for one thing - money. She and her accomplice Elaine (Magnuson) make a cozy living fleecing rich men in a fine-art scheme in Los Angeles

When Fletcher thinks Roz is the woman he has seen in a vision, he has no idea she sees him as her next victim.

With a rich score combining Chopin & Verdi with traditional jazz, STILL BREATHING is film full of heart, soul and mystical connections.

“Impossibly wonderful...”
                                New York Times

“Robinson’s STILL BREATHING is a breath of fresh air in the independent film scene...         A smart and whimsical romantic comedy”
                               The Hollywood Reporter

“Robinson’s delightful debut feature, STILL BREATHING brings passion, humor and good dialog to the familiar trappings of romantic comedy. There’s a depth and caring to the film that you don’t find in the usual studio fare.”
                                  Los Angeles Times

“Just the right note of romantic whimsy... A light and bright romantic comedy”

“Sometimes a movie possesses such a quiet beauty that it genuinely casts a spell on you, STILL BREATHING, the debut of writer-director James F. Robinson, is such a film, a romantic comedy that stands the genre on its ear. It’s a stellar accomplishment, this quiet, rapturous beauty, because so few films manage to be both absorbing and radiant at the same time.”

                                   Los Angeles Daily News

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