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THE LITTLE KITE is a story of rebellion and redemption set around the Mayan "Day of the Dead" in Guatemala. Believing an impulsive rebellious action has somehow caused the death of her beloved Grandfather, 8-year old Tomasa seeks redemption by making a kite to fly in a important Mayan kite festival, despite a jealous older cousin’s efforts at sabotaging her.

THE LITTLE KITE is a new film from director James F. Robinson (STILL BREATHING).  It is a dramatic feature film to be produced by ZapPictures LLC and shot on location in the stunning western highlands of Guatemala. 


This authentic, female-centric film celebrates the mysteries of the 3000 year old traditions of Mayan craft.  It is a deep dive into the majesty and power of human creation, and the profound victory of getting back up, when Life knocks you down.


THE LITTLE KITE will be produced in remote Mayan communities in Guatemala, featuring a indigenous Mayan cast.  No American dramatic film has ever been made in this unique and culturally rich location.  


ZapPictures' previous feature, STILL BREATHING, was theatrically distributed by October Films/Universal, and it was distributed in over 50 international territories by Paramount, Disney and Fox.  The film is currently in digital release on iTunes, Amazon Prime and other platforms in the US and on various digital platforms internationally.

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Photos from Location Scout in Guatemala
Location Scout Diary
Scouting & cast photos
Photos from Location Scout in August, 2017
Pre-Production Scout, Video Diary
Unfolding a Giant Kite
Will the 3000 year-old tradition of Mayan weaving survive this century? (a short documentary by Erin Kökdil)