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WINNER BEST FEATURE - 2023 ScreenCraft Family Screenplay Competition

"HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Powerful, personal, and evocative, “Little Kite” is rich and fulfilling.
The Black List

THE LITTLE KITE is a story of rebellion and redemption set around the Mayan "Day of the Dead" in Guatemala. Believing an impulsive rebellious action has somehow caused the death of her beloved Grandfather, 8-year old Tomasa seeks redemption by making a kite to fly in an important Mayan kite festival, despite a jealous older cousin’s efforts at sabotaging her.

THE LITTLE KITE is a new film from director James F. Robinson (STILL BREATHING).  It is a dramatic feature film to be produced by ZapPictures and shot on location in the stunning western highlands of Guatemala.  It features a child protagonist in a universal drama in the tradition of De Sica’s THE BICYCLE THIEVES, Truffaut’s 400 BLOWS and Kiarostami’s WHERE IS THE FRIEND'S HOUSE.


This authentic, female-centric

film celebrates the mysteries

of the 3000-year-old traditions

of Mayan craft. It is a deep dive

into the majesty and power of

human creation, and the

profound victory of getting

back up, when Life knocks

you down.



produced in remote Mayan

communities in Guatemala,

featuring a indigenous Mayan cast. 

Writer-Director, James F. Robinson, Executive Producer, Ken Ashe

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Screenplay HERE

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"Look Book" Presentation (PDF) HERE

Full Synopsis & Director's Notes HERE

Newspaper interview (Guatemala)  HERE

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Chichicastenango_Guatemala_THE LITTLE KI
Location and Scouting photos
Photos copyright 2021, ZapPictures LLC
Unfolding a Giant Kite
Will the 3000 year-old tradition of Mayan weaving survive this century? (a short documentary by Erin Kökdil)
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